Hi im harmony im fourteen and i like a lot of punk bands i also like the outsiders, malcolm in the middle, the young ones &the warriors so get ready for heaps of photos and gifs of that

reese wilkerson is mine lol


dallas: im hungry man

dallas: man lets go to the movies man

dallas: there cant be a rumble without me man

dallas: man do you know where johnny is man

dallas: man

dallas: i need steve and soda man so they can fix my car man

dallas: man man man man man..... man

ponyboy: man it's hot out here

dallas: do you have to say man all the time man

dallas: use another word man

dallas: man

johnny: there are socs coming towards us lets beat it

ponyboy: no stay cool man

johnny: oh yeah because staying cool and letting them walk up on us is so much of a better idea then getting a running head start and going and getting the rest of the gang for back up

johnny: ur a genius



And then, because I couldn't think of anything bad enough to call them, I spit at them.

I made a great comeback in my opinion

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